Best Bajo Quinto Strings Ever!!!😭❤️ | Requintazo Strings Vlog

What up Requintazo Squad!!!

In this video I kinda show you a lil behind the scenes of Requintazo Strings. As some of you may know I just released the new Bajo Quinto Pack!! I want to thank every one who already bought a pack. I honestly appreciate that a lot!!!

In this video I also talk about a strategy to promote your music even if you don't have money or a label. Hope it helps you out. I wish you nothing but the best! If you like the video, please leave a like and SHARE!!!


I honestly believe these are the best bajo quinto strings around. Best Norteño Strings!!

-Jovanny Castillo

P.S. Here's the address for Constellation Music. Hit them up for anything you may need!!! 3701 W McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704


  • ] Ozeutopo

  • ] Eroexu

  • ] Esuehap

  • – Eyanoyope Ikesejai


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